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The Benefits Of Music Festivals 102

In this guide, I will talk about some of the most notable benefits of attending music festivals. Keep in mind


The Benefits Of Music Festivals 101

With a lot of festivals coming around, a lot of people have been getting ready to enjoy live music and


Benefits of Attending Music Festivals

If you are touring the world and have plans to visit clubs for performances of artists or theatres for musical


Things to Keep in Mind When Attending a Music Festival

As the festival season is approaching, many fans would be in search of the best events taking place across the

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The Benefits Of Music Festivals 102


In this guide, I will talk about some of the most notable benefits of attending music festivals. Keep in mind the safety concerns of the coronavirus pandemic. Even if there are music festivals happening in and around your community, I suggest you learn all social distancing guidelines, before attending. This guide will actually focus on how music festivals used to happen, before the pandemic. The pandemic actually ruined everything, and everybody can agree on this. Let us dive into the benefits of music festivals, when they were in their prime.


You will get a huge boost of vitamin D. Your body absolutely need vitamin D, and it will help you absorb calcium, which happens to be an essential part of developing and also maintaining good and healthy bones. A lot of us get the vitamin D with the help of sunlight and being outside in the fresh air, especially at a concert, or a music festival is an amazing way to do so. There is actually no set amount of time that you need to be in the sun to receive this form of vitamin D. There are a lot of features that would come into consideration, like your skin type, how much skin is exposed, how long it will take for your skin to burn under the sun and more. All of this would vary from person to person; that is why you need to keep track of your skin and your needs. Some short amounts of time should actually be fine, but it is important that you do not get sunburnt. That is why you need to apply some sunscreen and have a great time.

A lot of studies have indicated that it will lower your stress levels. Attending a music festival, or alive music performance can actually reduce all of your stress levels. The research monitored some people who were attending a concert, before and after results were studied. They found a huge decrease in stress levels. Keep in mind that this was a rather small study and also that there will be more evidence in the future. It just goes to show that music has a huge impact on our minds, and it can alter our stress and anxiety levels.

Music Fest

I am sure that you have in mind that all the dancing will make you feel great. Dancing is like exercise, and it releases endorphins in your brain. They are a natural hormone that makes you feel good. They will do a fantastic job at making you feel amazing. Exercise will boost your self-esteem, and it will boost your mood and energy levels.

This much has been confirmed. That is why, music festivals have done us so much good.

The Benefits Of Music Festivals 101


With a lot of festivals coming around, a lot of people have been getting ready to enjoy live music and some beer. Well, the coronavirus pandemic has completely ruined everyone’s lives and has actually cancelled all kinds of music events. But it is not going to stop the performance from giving us the music. In this guide, I will be talking about some benefits of music festivals, when they were happening, before the pandemic. I will be talking about music festivals where there was absolutely no possibility of you getting a deadly virus. I’ll be talking about concerts which were filled with thousands of people, just letting go and having an amazing time. It is going to describe the benefits of how concerts and music festivals were, back in 2019 and before.

Music Festival

Besides them being amazing fun, there are a lot of surprising books for your health as well. Sure, we take a look at some of the most amazing health benefits that you can get from going to a concert of your favourite type of music.

It can greatly improve your mood. There have been a lot of research that suggests that engaging with the kind of music that you love, especially a festival can enhance your mood, and it can create a beautiful sense of belonging. I can assure you that you will feel like you belong there. The festival is an amazing experience to share with your loved ones and your best friends. It will connect you with a huge community of people. A feeling of connection is definitely a key way of enhancing your mental well-being, and also it will help you feel great about yourself.

It will also do a fantastic job at unplugging you from all your worries, and it will help you embrace your current surroundings. There have been some intensive research which has suggested that people make use of applications like Twitter, Facebook and Instagram at least 20 times a day. I think it is time to ditch your social media for a while. Once concerts are legal to operate, once the virus has been defeated, I highly suggest you go to a concert or a music festival. I know that we are going through a time right now where we are compelled to be glued to our electronic devices, but it’s not going to be this way much longer.

A concert or a music festival will definitely distract you from all of your worries, and it will help you adjust in an amazing way, to your new surroundings. If you go to a concert or a music festival with the people you love, I can assure you that you will have a great time.

Benefits of Attending Music Festivals


If you are touring the world and have plans to visit clubs for performances of artists or theatres for musical nights, there are plenty of options to look for. But the one event that you may be conveniently overlooking would be music festivals. Many people love the idea of visiting music festivals because of the social experience. Since the festival season is around the corner, many of you might be looking for the best in the world. Music has been creating a great impact over the centuries, and festivals are one of the main reasons for the popularity of many genres. While many listeners are there solely for fun, others might be attending for the perks. Let us look at some of the benefits of attending music festivals.

1.      It Improves Your Mood

Your mood will surely enhance when you are engaging with a music festival. The sense of belonging that you develop with time will help you be more detached from the stresses of everyday life. If you are at the festival grounds for the first time, the difference of milieu will suck your soul in immediately to aid you in the escape from reality. The feelings every attendee has after a music festival will have nothing somber in it. Only the strong, enthusiastic emotions fill within one’s soul. A smile will appear in the place of a grin or a grimace to let everyone be joyous throughout the week.

The Surroundings are Real

2.      The Surroundings are Real

Listeners usually plug in earphones to dive into the world created by the artists in every song. But the music festivals have something new to offer in terms of the experience. While all the listeners only imagine an atmosphere for a track, the festivals actually lighten the mood and infuse noise and colors to the day. The look and feel of both are different. Even those who are asocial will like the feeling of attending music festivals because these events are the perfect setting for them to disconnect from the real world of hostility. These real, different surroundings will build stronger and content souls.

3.      Dance will Set Your Soul Free

Every fettered soul needs that moment of emancipation to explore the splendor in the world. Music is that aspect that keeps people running to newer tunes for solace. When attending music festivals, the people will have a lot of floors to dance on, and this provides them the space to let themselves out into the skies of liberty. The adrenaline rush will always be higher when you dance, making that part very important at a music festival. You may not know the mental health benefits of dancing; it indeed helps you stay sane and relaxed in the hardest times. The music played in these events will set your foot stomping on the floor to imbibe all the positivity exuding from the tracks and the whole atmosphere.

Things to Keep in Mind When Attending a Music Festival

As the festival season is approaching, many fans would be in search of the best events taking place across the globe. While a number of these fans might be visiting only for the entertainment, the others are off to witness the happiness materializing. It is time to switch from your Spotify account to real-world music. The multi-day conglomerates combine various elements of fun and music to present some of the best annual festivals. If everything is done right, you are in for a show that will never disappoint you. Every picture you capture while at the event has to contain all the joy of the moment. In order to keep all the emotions and activities optimized, you need to pay attention to some details. Let us look at some of the aspects that need to be considered when attending a music festival.

1.      The Sun will Be Shining Brightly

Confetti and blasters will keep you engaged, but you need to know that there is a massive star shining above your head that can give you burns. If you are lucky enough to have the festival at someplace with conducive climatic conditions, there is no need to be concerned about the scorching heats. Otherwise, if you are visiting a music festival during the summer, it is best to carry sunscreen. Also, wear sunglasses and a hat to avoid sunburns. Being sensible during these days is important; make sure not to get carried away completely by the gaiety.

Carry Enough Clothes

2.      Carry Enough Clothes

The next most crucial thing to bear in mind is that you have to carry a sufficient number of clothes so that you can change each time you are dank in perspiration. Some festivals are also held near beaches, so if you have plans to take a soak in the water, pack swimsuits as well.

3.      Stay Hydrated and Clean

As mentioned earlier, the light source in the day will be shining brightly to suck all the water out of your body. You cannot store the day’s energy without the powerhouse being fed with fuel. Hydration is necessary to keep you going all day in good health. Keep drinking water from a refillable bottle, and look out for water stations when the bottle is half empty. Make sure to stay hydrated at all times when at the festival. Hygiene is also an important aspect you need to pay heed of. Wash your hands every few hours so that no germs are ingested into your body. Clean running water will almost always be available on the premises. Staying hydrated and clean is imperative while at the festival.

Don’t Get Drunk

4.      Don’t Get Drunk

You are likely to behave recklessly when you are drunk; so, try to stay sober always. Drink until you start feeling light; by setting that limit, you can stay away from trouble. Avoiding drinks and drugs will also keep you healthy during the festival.

How The Coachella Festival Came To Be

The Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival (also known simply as Coachella or the Coachella festival) is arguably the largest and most popular music and arts festival in the world. It is conducted at the Empire Polo Club in Indio, California in the Coachella Valley in the Colorado Desert, which is why it is called so. It was founded in 1999 by Rick Van Santen and Paul Tollett, organised by a subsidiary of AEG Presents called Goldenvoice.

However, before it was a formal venue, Pearl Jam conducted a concert there in 1993 for an audience of over 25000 people. It was a very big event because they were boycotting venues by Ticketmaster. Pearl Jam refused to play under Ticketmaster after they got into a dispute over service charges applied to ticket purchases. They needed a large enough stage, and found it in the Empire Polo Club. The band went on to state that the venue had scope for a larger audience and this set the stage for what happened next.

How The Coachella Festival Came To Be

Around 1997, ticketing company Goldenvoice was struggling to book tickets against the big companies that were prevalent at the time like SFX Entertainment. They were losing a lot of bands and could not compete in terms of money. It was at this time that Paul Tollett came up with the idea of a music festival. He, along with the Goldenvoice co president Rick Van Santen, began brainstorming ideas for a music festival with multiple venues. They decided to hire a group of artists who weren’t exactly chart toppers, but were trendy enough to be noticed. They rightfully predicted that a large number of people would be attracted to such an event. In 1997, Tollett went to the Glastonbury Festival and distributed pamphlets showing the nascent idea of a music festival at the Coachella Valley. One of the main reasons why Coachella is such a big festival today is because of the weather of Glastonbury. Compared to the muddy rainy atmosphere there, Coachella was in the Colorado Desert. This appealed to a large section of the audience. A total of 70,000 were expected at the venue, but only 37000 tickets were sold. However, the Coachella Music Festival delivered what it had promised: it was calm and peaceful throughout, earning it the title ‘Anti-Woodstock’. This would later prove to be quite helpful in the long run.

The inaugural Coachella festival was conducted on October 9th and 10th, 1999. The event was headlined by Beck, Tool and Rage Against The Machine; with other acts including Chemical Brothers, A Perfect Circle, Jurassic 5, Morissey and Underworld. However, Goldenvoice lost a staggering 850,000 dollars organising the event and barely pulled together as a company for 2 years. However, the initial anti-Woodstock sentiments worked and more and more people came in year after year,making it the world’s largest music festival.

Health Benefits of Attending Music Festivals


With the strums on the guitar and the resounding noise of the drums at your nearest club torturing your ears, the thing that you need the most would be an escape from this plight. Only some great music can help you detach yourself from the perpetuating annoyance of the less talented artists trying to prove a point. These sessions might not only break your heart but also affect you badly. It is always best to pick the most popular option that lifts your spirit with the visceral experience. As the festival season is around the corner, you have plenty of features to look for in the various concerts being hosted. While you search for more events in the pipeline, being aware of the benefits of attending these festivals will further motivate you to book the tickets right away. Here are some of the health benefits of attending music festivals.

1.      Your Mood Improves

Engaging in music will surely reflect in a person’s mood. You can always create a sense of belonging during the festival, so much so that it will directly impact you. These are also the right moments to connect with your loved ones after a long time. Taking care of your mental health is of the highest importance, and music festivals can reshape your mood into the happiest form.


2.      Lower Your Stress and Unplug to Experience the Real Sounds

Such gatherings offer you the perfect atmosphere to let all your stresses out in smiles. So, you must take the opportunity to connect with people rather than just lose yourself in the music. Not many people easily skip the notifications from their favorite app to talk to their dear ones. Social media needs to be detached from your mind at some point; music festivals can indeed help you do that and listen to what actually music sounds like. Through every such event, you will be able to meet new people and listen to various creations. By doing all this, you are also helping yourself by lowering the stresses.

3.      Mental and Physical Exercise

You might not be attending a festival in the hope of changing all these aspects of your life, but all these are inherent features that come with the event. While you are on the floor, you are likely to stomp your feet and dance to the tunes. This physical exercise is not just allowing you to stay healthy but also happy. The release of endorphins in the brain will make you feel good. It can also result in higher energy levels and self-esteem.

4.      Consume the Vitamin D Capsule of Music

Standing in the sun for quite some time will surely help you develop more vitamin D in your body. These festivals will make you do it for long hours without torturing you with the scorching heats. The music will soothe your soul and make you more healthy.

How Music Festivals Became Popular

Music festivals are events organised by large companies or groups of companies typically lasting a few days and featuring several musicians, singers and bands. Music festivals can be traced back to ancient Greece where people would gather and conduct competitions on sports, arts and music. However the modern music festival was born out of Woodstock. Even though Woodstock was not exactly the first of its kind, the 1969 Woodstock festival set up the ethos and setting of the music festival we all love today. Since then, the do it yourself, communal harmony of the music festival was replaced by mainstream business minded approaches. However, this did not mean that the people did not like the change: in fact they welcomed it with open arms. Music festivals started garnering a lot of money from all over the world, with famous artists performing at different places according to the money they get offered. The Coachella Music and Arts Festival became the first ever music festival to successfully earn more than one hundred million dollars in profit two times in a row in 2017.

The 1970s and 80s brought about a great change in how music festivals were viewed due to the emergence of the hippie culture. It developed as a subculture to the standard American way at the time, but it quickly became a global movement. People from all over the world started practicing the sub culture, and this was most prevalent at music festivals. Music itself had changed by that time, with rock music, rock and roll, metal and hip hop gaining more and more popularity. However, the people weren’t just going to music festivals for the music: they definitely were looking for something more.

In 2019, a survey conducted at Deloitte stated that 57% of the millennials (who made up 45 percent of the crowd at music festivals) did not go to music festivals for the music: in fact they said they did not even care who was performing. To them, a music festival was all about the overall experience and not just the music. There is so much more to a festival than just the music. This brings us to another reason why music festivals are so popular: the uniqueness.


Each music festival, be it the Lallapalooza, Coachella, Woodstock, Glastonbury, etc. they have their own set of unique experiences. If the management wants people to come back to the music festival, they need to give the audience an experience that they have never felt anywhere ever before. Only then will the people be appreciative enough of the festival to come back each year and revel in the uniqueness. The people are not short of money these days: they are short on experiences and whoever can give them the most unique ones, gets the real prize: a loyal following.